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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions the NEXCOM Enterprise

Questions about NEX Retail Stores &


 General questions regarding the NEXCOM Enterprise.


Who can shop at the Navy Exchange?

  • For a detailed listing of who is permitted to shop at the Navy Exchange, please see our Authorized Shoppers page.

Can I bring a guest into the Navy Exchange?

  • Due to force protection issues, each local command has different policies. Contact your local exchange for details. Guests are not authorized to make purchases.

Can I buy merchandise to sell to someone who is not an authorized patron?

  • No. Any item purchased in a Navy Exchange must be for the sole use of the authorized customer or for the use of dependent members of the authorized customer's family or a bona fide gift. Exchange merchandise purchased by military personnel or civilians will not be resold or exchanged in barter, on or off a Navy Exchange. Navy Exchange Manual Pub. 145, para. 4207(4).

Can I place a special order for merchandise from the Navy Exchange?

  • Yes. Special Orders can be placed to meet your special needs at the Customer Service Desk at your Navy Exchange for a variety of manufacturers, from shoes to major appliances and furniture. A twenty-five percent deposit will be required when you place your Special Order. To view listings of what's available, click here

How do I sign up to receive Navy Exchange mailings?

How do I sign up for a Military Star card?

  • There are two ways. You may go to your nearest Navy Exchange and show your military ID Card. The Customer Service Desk will assist you. In most cases, upon credit approval,you will receive a temporary card within minutes. You will receive 10% off your first day's purchases on your new Military Star Card. You may also apply online.

Can I make a Navy Lodge reservation via the Internet?

Can I order military uniforms via the Internet?

  • Yes. Navy and Marine Corps Uniforms are available for your On-Line shopping convenience. Visit our Online Uniform Store.

What is the Navy Exchange A-OK Student Reward program?

  • All qualified students will participate in a quarterly drawing for monetary awards of $2,500, $1,500, $1,000 or $500 for a total of $5,500 per quarter. Qualified students include family members of active duty members, reservist and military retirees in grades 1-12 who obtains a "B" grade average or equivalent. All eligible students receive an A-OK discount ID which qualifies you for discounts on over 19 items and services at your NEX. Click here to read more!

Does the Navy Exchange accept coupons?

  • The NEX gladly accepts valid manufacturer’s coupons and NEX coupons for the item featured on the coupon subject to its terms and conditions..
  • Conus NEXs, including Pearl Harbor, do not accept any manufacturer’s or NEX coupon that has expired. Overseas NEXs, including Guantanamo Bay, can accept expired cents-off manufacturer’s coupons for up to six months past the coupon expiration date. This will allow patrons in overseas locations to utilize short dated and expired coupons that are often forwarded by support groups in the U.S.
  • The NEX accepts all NEX generated percent and cents-off coupons. This includes NEX coupons distributed in-store for select products, multi-discount scratch-off cards, NMCRS Benefit Tickets, CFC Benefit Tickets, NEX Facebook coupons, SMS text promotions, and other promotional NEX coupons.
  • The NEX accepts percent and cents-off coupons from the Army Air Force Exchange System (AAFES), the Marine Corps Exchange System (MCX), and the Coast Guard Exchange System (CGX). These can be percent and cents-off in-store coupons, coupons presented in a coupon book, or printed from Facebook. All coupon terms and conditions apply.
  • The Navy Exchange accepts scratch-off coupons from the other Military Service Exchanges.
  • The NEX accepts a manufacturer’s coupon and NEX coupon, or coupon from another Military Exchange Service, on the same item. The combination of the two coupons cannot exceed the price of the product; money is not returned to a customer on the redemption of two coupons which exceeds the price of the product.
  • The NEX accepts on-line Internet coupons with the exception of Internet coupons for “FREE PRODUCTS” and all cents-off Procter and Gamble (P&G) Internet coupons.
  • The NEX does not accept any Military Service Exchange coupon for cents off gasoline.
  • The NEX does not accept coupons offered by other commercial retailers for use in their own stores.
  • The NEX does not “double” or “triple” the face value of a manufacturer’s coupon. Only one manufacturer’s coupon can be applied to a product in the same transaction.
  •  If the value of the manufacturer’s coupon should exceed the price of the product being purchased, the coupon will be redeemed for the purchase price. In this instance, no cash is given back to the customer; manufacturer’s coupons have no cash value.
  • The NEX does not accept a commercial retailer’s instant rebate offer as a redeemable coupon at point-of-sale. In this instance, the NEX would accept the instant rebate offer as a price match challenge and honor the instant rebate.
  • The Navy Exchange ecommerce web site at does not accept any coupon offers at this time. [back to top]

Is this site secure?

  • This site uses secure encryption technology to safeguard your credit card and personal information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, used on, is the best identity safeguard technology available today. This layer of protection maintains the safety and security of sensitive information when completing online transactions.

Questions about NEX Retail Stores &

Why do I have to provide an email address for flyer sign ups or to create an account on

  • By creating an account using your email address at, not only do you have access to Navy Exchange quality goods at a savings online, but you can also manage all your communication preferences in your Account online. Communication preferences include receiving promotional emails, physical and digital flyers, and text messages from Navy Exchange.

How do I sign up to receive Navy Exchange mailings/flyers?

What if I don't have an email address and want to place an order or sign up for the sales flyer?

  • If you do not have an email address, you may call our Customer Contact Center and they will be happy to assist you.
    • ​US: 877-810-9030
    • Overseas: 001-877-432-1736

Why can't I see prices on

  • You must first Create an Account and then sign in to see pricing.  We are legally not allowed to display pricing to people not authorized to shop

Does the Navy Exchange offer a price matching program? YES!, Please visit out  our store policies page, by click here.

  • Advertised Item
    • A NEX cashier will match any advertised price reduction up to $100. An NEX supervisor must authorize a price match over $100. Customers may ask for a price adjustment at any cash register in the store. The advertised priced may be presented in the form of a printed ad or a mobile marketing device, such as a cell phone or smart phone, from a local competitor. Photographs of an item taken with a cell phone or smart phone will not be accepted.
  • Verbal Challenge
    • We will also accept a customer’s verbal price challenge for an item with a price difference of $10 or less. You don’t need to bring a copy of a competitor’s advertisement for items under $10.
  • Guidelines
    • Overseas NEXs will match the pricing of current mail order catalogs and e-commerce sites from Sears, J.C. Penney, Walmart and any other comparable commercial retailers with e-commerce sites. Freight charges (standard shipping rate and any surcharges, if applicable) are to be added to the competitor’s retail.
    • The NEX Price Match Policy is relevant to service and retail departments with the exception of fine jewelry, automotive parts, automotive labor and service, gasoline and special orders.
    • We will price match tobacco products to local competitors within the local market and same state, but will not match to other military, Coast Guard, Veterans Canteen Service or Indian Reservation resale facilities.
    • A price match challenge pertaining to alcohol can only be accepted from within the same state.
    • In the services departments, the merchandise or service must be the same brand, manufacturer, model number, processing method and service time as the item or service performed by the NEX.
    • The new NEX price will be exactly the same as the competitor’s price.
    • Prices are matched after any NEX savings coupons have been deducted from original price. This is not applicable to manufacturers’ vendor coupons. However, a manufacturer’s coupon cannot exceed the retail price of the product (no cash back).
    • The NEX will match the shelf pricing on any wholesale club merchandise for an identical item.
    • Local market area is defined as the geographic area shopped by local NEX customers, generally not beyond a 20 mile radius.
    • If a competitor’s ad includes the quantity a customer can buy at an advertised price, then the NEX will maintain the same quantity limitations when the NEX meets the ad price.
    • If a competitor’s advertisement indicates “limited quantities,” the NEX will not match the price.
    • The NEX will match a competitor’s promotion of a free gift card or financial gift card with the purchase of an item if the identical item is available for purchase from the NEX.
    • The NEX will match a competitor’s in-store instant rebate amount with the purchase of an identical item from the NEX.
    • Double and triple coupons, clearance, percent and dollar off items, flea market sales, going out of business sales and commissary prices are excluded from the NEX Price Match Policy.
    • The NEX will not match the price of another retailer’s item if that item includes a price reduction involving a manufacturer’s or retailer’s mail-in rebate.

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • It depends on which shipping method you choose. Please refer to our Shipping/Delivery page for estimates on shipping times. Please note, when choosing your shipping method: 
  • All shipping estimates are in business days. 
  • Purchases shipping to APO/FPO/DPO addresses may take up to 45-60 days to reach to reach their final destination. 
  • Saturday delivery not available.
  • U.S. Post Ofice shipments (including all shipments to APO/FPO/DPO addresses) cannot be tracked. 

Why can certain items only be shipped via ground?

  • Certain items in your order may be considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Aerosol products, some alcohol-based products, including fragrances and air fresheners, and contents under pressure are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation to be shipped by ground-only transport due to air transport restrictions and regulations. We recommend shipment via FedEx Ground or USPS Ground (Parcel Post) to the continental United States only. Items considered to be hazardous material may not be shipped to APO or FPO addresses.

What stores participate in the Ship to Store option?

  • The current listing of stores is found in the checkout process when selecting Shipping Method.  Click on the drop down menu for the most up to date store listing or call an NEX Customer Service Representative from the U.S. at 1-877-810-9030 or from overseas at 001-877-432-1736 or via email.

Why doesn't my order qualify for gift wrapping?

  • There is at least one item in your cart at this time that does not qualify for gift wrapping.  Gift wrapping service is available on a limited number of items.  For questions regarding qualifying items, please contact a NEX Customer Service Representative from the U.S. at 1-877-810-9030 or from overseas at 001-877-432-1736 or via email.

How may I cancel an order?

  • If your order hasn't been processed for shipping, you may cancel it by calling a NEX Customer Service Representative from the U.S. at 1- 877-810-9030, from overseas at 001-877-432-1736 or by e-mail.

How may I return an item?

  • Refer to Shipping & Delivery for more information. Simply use the prepaid return label included in your order, place it on the box, and drop off at your local USPS. If there was an issue with your order, you will not be charged for the return shipping. If you simply changed your mind, a $7.95 restocking fee will be reduced from your refund.

Does the Navy Exchange have a loyalty or rewards program?

  • Yes! It is called My Navy Blue Rewards!

What is My Navy Blue Rewards?

  • My Navy Blue Rewards is a way for our customers to earn rewards by shopping online at For every $500 spent on (after discounts and coupons and before shipping charges and surcharges), you will receive a $10 reward via email that is redeemable online. Customers are eligible to earn rewards during the following periods:
  1. November 1 through January 31 (Reward distribution: February)
  2. February 1 through April 30 (Reward distribution: May)
  3. May 1 through July 31 (Reward distribution: August)
  4. August 1 through October 31 (Reward distribution: November)
  • Signing up for My Navy Blue Rewards is easy! If you have already created an account on
  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Choose "My Profile" under the "My Account" dropdown
  3. Provide your email address under Communication Preferences and click "Yes! Email me sales, promos, and events"
  1. Click sign in/register in the upper right hand corner of
  2. Create your account using your DOD ID# (or use the last 4 of your SS# and birthdate)
  3. Click "continue" to access your profile
  4. Provide your email address under Communication Preferences and click "Yes! Email me sales, promos, and events"