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Here's PROOF that your NEX saves you money.
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NEXCOM hires an independent research firm to conduct a survey on how much customers save when they shop at their NEX. In September 2014, the research firm shopped for 400 products in various departments including audio, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, greeting cards, hardware, appliances, sunglasses and toys.

The results showed that customers save an average of 24% NOT including sales tax. Savings varied in each of the eight market areas surveyed:

Average percent savings not including sales tax

Bethesda, MD 22.6%
Everett, WA 21.2%
Great Lakes, IL 20.2%
Jacksonville, FL 22.6%
Norfolk, VA 21.3%
Pearl Harbor, HI 24.9%
Pensacola, FL 21.6%
San Diego, CA 22.0%
Home Depot 11.2%
J C Penney 32.2%
Macy's 26.9%
Kmart 30.0%
Office Depot 23.5%
Sears 33.3%
Target 14.7%
Walgreens  31.2% 
Walmart 9.9%