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Ships Stores Fleet Assistance


The Fleet Assistance Team program provides technical assistance and guidance to forces afloat in order to improve the performance of ships store operations. Teams are located in the following major port areas: Mayport, FL, Naples, IT, Norfolk, VA, San Diego, CA, Pearl Harbor, HI, and Yokosuka, JA. Assist visits to ships located outside these areas are scheduled upon request of the ship's Supply Officer. The Fleet Assistance Team's objective is to visit each ship at least once annually.

The Fleet Assistance Team focuses on 6 major areas:

1. Operations - Assisted visits scheduled between Team Leaders and Ship Stores Officers will concentrate on:

Accounting Procedures Procurement Procedures
Cash Handling Modernization/Visual Merchandising
Merchandise Planning Vending Operations and Related Equipment
Stock Turn Barber Operations
Pricing ROM Assistance
Close out of Records/Returns  

Team representatives will debrief the Ship Store Officer, Supply Officer, and Commanding Officer upon request, highlighting functional areas which are operating particularly well and those areas needing attention. A written summary report is provided to the Ship Store Officer within 15 days after the visit.

2. Habitability - Fleet Assistance Team representatives assigned to habitability functions are conversant with Ship's Serviceman Training Manuals on laundry, dry cleaning, and barber shop operations. They are also knowledgeable about scheduling, operating, and control of service outlets, as well as sanitation standards prescribed in NAVMED P-5010 Manual of Naval Preventative Medicine. Engineering Personnel assigned to the teams will provide instructions to ship's maintenance personnel and make minor repairs to equipment, as necessary. The visits will:

  • Stress the importance of proper maintenance and safety parameters of equipment.
  • Validate installed equipment against the COSAL to assure proper availability of repair parts.
  • Review laundry maintenance logs, temperature logs, and production logs for accuracy and correctness

Habitability assist team visits are scheduled in the same manner as indicated above. Debriefings are held for the ships store officer, engineering personnel, the supply officer, engineering officer, and commanding officer, highlighting various findings. A report of the findings will be prepared by the team leader and sent to the Ship Store Officer within 15 days after the visit. Technical manuals will be referenced for specific guidance where possible.

3. Modernization - If you are planning to modernize your stores or barbershop, contact the Fleet Assistance Team serving your area or contact the NEXCOM Ship Stores Program. Each ship will receive help in getting their ideas on paper. 

4. Displays - Fleet Assistance Team representatives also provide guidance on how to present an efficient and attractive ships store. Display techniques are outlined in NEXCOM PUB 90-33 - Visual Merchandising Guide. Sources and procedures for procurement of basic display and signing requirements are also available in PUB 90-33. This publication will help ascertain proper correlation of merchandise, change of season, decor kits, proper signing, and the basic fixtures for displays. 

5. Merchandise Programs - Special merchandise promotional programs are periodically available through your local Fleet Assistance Teams or NEXCOM (Code A) Ship Stores Program. The special programs are in addition to the Sixth Fleet and Pacific Fleet Foreign Programs and the Exchange Mail Order Catalog. The Ship Store Officer will be notified in advance of these "specials". 

6. Pre- and Post-Deployment Briefings - Pre-deployment briefings are a very important function of all Ship Store operations. The Ship Store officer should schedule a pre-deployment brief at least 90-120 days before deployment, when possible. The briefings will include payment of dealer's bills, foreign merchandise procedures including mail order, and known problems in the area of deployment, TAFS/AFS/FISC "Q" COG support and any instructions governing sales of foreign merchandise.