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License/Concession/PPV Agreements & Items/Services Used by NEXs

Equipment & Supplies Used by Navy Exchanges

Major equipment may be generally characterized as any item or fixture required for NEX operations having a unit cost of $1,000 or more and a useful life in excess of one year. Minor equipment has a unit cost of less than $1,000 and a useful life in excess of one year.

Most equipment is purchased by NEXCOM's Corporate Contracts from prime manufacturing sources or their representatives/distributors. Purchase decisions are generally based on the offer or proposal from a responsible vendor, which includes the lowest total cost that meets the specifications and specific operational and delivery requirements. NEXCOM also makes extensive use of "best value" source selection techniques, where the proposal that is considered most advantageous, based on an evaluation against key factors (one of which is price), is chosen.

Many operating supplies and repair services are purchased at the NEX level utilizing a Commercial Purchase Card in amounts below $5000 per transaction for items or supplies and $2,500 per transaction for services. Contracts are often used for items which are in recurring demand, such as custom printed documents and forms, plastic shopping bags with logo, jewelry boxes, various Navy Lodge items (such as linens and uniforms) and other general supply items.

Individual delivery orders for expense items and services, are often placed using the Purchase Card. Contracts are awarded through competitive negotiations with prime sources by NEXCOM's Corporate Contracts or district contracting office in Italy.

License Agreements, Concessions, Public/Private Ventures & Service Contracts

NEXs offer a number of services and service related products for resale through various agreements, many with local or regional sources for services. Examples include such as vending machine operations, auto rental, photo processing, flower shops, laundry/dry cleaning, fast food outlets, including name brand, personal telecommunications and barber or beauty shop operations. Information concerning types of services required and contracting process may be obtained from the following NEXCOM services/operations branch managers or Corporate Contracts:


Vice President, Corporate Contracts (757)631-3580
Branch Manager, Public/Private Ventures (PPVs) (757)631-3590

Automotive, Food Service, and Vending

Branch Manager, ADP, Expense/Operations Support, Lodges, Uniforms (757)631-3584
Branch Manager, Personal Telecommunications, Medical Services (757)631-3696
Laundry / Dry Cleaning, Haircare, Financial / Professional
Services, Personal and Miscellaneous, Revenue Services and Policies/Procedures
Senior Vice President, Operations (757)631-3900
Vice President, Operations (757)631-3560
Director, Retail, Food, & Vending Operations Services (757)631-3315
Manager, Food Services (757)631-3564
Manager, Vending, Laundry / Dry Cleaning / Tailoring (757)631-3571
Manager, Automotive Program (757)631-3572
Director, Store Operations (Personalized Services) (757)631-4139
Manager, Personalized Services (757)631-4142
Buyer, Personalized Services Merchandise (757)631-3473