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Doing Business With Us

Vendor Sales Information

NEX sales information is available through SPS CommerceNEX digital flyers are accessible through NEXCOM’s website,

For assistance in receiving NEX sales information through SPS Commerce, email the following information to with the words “Vendor Sales Access” as the subject line:

1. Name, Phone Number & Email Address
2. Name, Phone Number & email Address of EDI Point of Contact (if different)
3. Vendor Name(s)
4. Vendor DUNS Number(s)
5. NEX Buyer Name(s)
6. NEX Department Name(s)

To request sales information for multiple vendors, please provide complete information for each vendor. NEXCOM will coordinate approval of the request and work with the vendor’s EDI contact to ensure SPS Commerce can provide the information.

Vendor Digital Flyer Access

For login instructions to in order to maintain access to digital flyers, email the following information to with the words "Vendor Digital Flyer Access" as the subject line

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Telephone Number
4. DUNS Number