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Xbox One Bladestorm Nightmare

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In Bladestorm: Nightmare, the player is called to create a mercenary and accept missions that will advance the English or the French cause in the course of the Hundred Year War. Additionally, the player gets to experience an all-new and original fantasy scenario involving battling and controlling armies of mythical creatures in Nightmare mode.

  • Wide and varied troop types with standard troops like footmen, bowmen, and horsemen to more exotic troops like elephant troops, cannon troops, and siege weapons.
  • Switch between up to 4 squads or combine squads into an army of up to 200 men
  • Enjoy a free mission system that allows you to experience the battle from the view points of both the English and the French
  • Meet and interacting with such heroes of history as Joan of Arc and Edward, the Black Prince
  • Includes an original Nightmare mode involving huge monsters such as dragons and cyclops
  • The latest graphic technologies have been used to create the amazing battles of a Medieval battleground
  • Includes an online multiplayer function, a revised character edit mode and assorted other new features for an enjoyable new game experience