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Sen.se Mother and 4 Motion Sensor Cookies - White (MOM4CO-US)

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Mother is a family of incredibly smart sensors that you can set to monitor whatever you care about. Mother sensors are called Motion Cookies. Small and slick, they can be affixed to almost anything. Using Smart Motion Technology they detect and analyze the specific movements of every activity. They can also measure temperature and detect the presence of people or objects at a defined location.

Mother will help you have a good night sleep, be more active and fit and cut back on snacking. She'll enable you to spend less on heating by turning off your connected thermostat when nobody's at home and help protect your house by alerting you of suspicious activity. She'll let you know when the children are safe at home and offer fun ways to teach your kids to properly brush their teeth. She'll remind you to take your medication, make sure you have coffee in the house, and keep an eye on your most private possessions.

  • Make any household object smart bt placing a Mother sensor on the appropriate object; the sensor will give you all the details about the monitored activity.
  • The cookies connect automatically to the application you assign to them. They affix to every day objects simply and quickly and transmit data to the nearest Mother.
  • Assign a new use to your Motion Cookie and it will seamlessly adapt to its new task. Start over as often as you feel the need.
  • Up to 24 motion cookies can be connected to one Mother.
  • Mother will send alerts and notifications about what is important to you or when something occurs.
  • Chose from several alert notification options from push notifications, text messages, emails, phone calls, sounds and lights or a continuous real-time stream.
  • All the data that Mother watches over is placed on a Senseboard, the storybook of your life.
  • Browse Senseboard to find trends, prioritize information, and statistics, and take action to change your behavior if necessary.
  • You don't want Mother or the Cookies to record certain things. Just push the Pause button on the smartphone App or simply remove the related Cookie from its location.