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Navy Chiefs

Northwest Territorial Mint

Seabee Chief Gold Coin

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Seabee Chiefs lead and inspire one of the most legendary units in U.S. Navy history. Epitomizing their unit's "can do" spirit, Seabee Chiefs favor action over words and expect nothing but the best from those in their command.

The Seabees - the Navy's famous mobile construction battalions - have been building and fighting for freedom for over fifty years, erecting bridges, command posts, housing units, and much more to support America's military operations throughout the world.

  • This coin salutes the efforts of Seabee Chiefs, past and present, whose fearless leadership has contributed to the proud Seabee legacy.
  • The obverse features three Navy anchors beneath the words "Seabee Chief," and is inscribed with the Seabee motto: "Can Do"
  • The reverse contains the Seabee icon beneath the words "We build. We fight."
  • Minted in MerlinGold, a proprietary brass alloy that simulates the look and feel of gold
  • Size: 1 1/2 inch (39mm) round