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Pampers Pure Protection Hypoallergenic Size 4 Diapers, 22-count

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Crafted with premium cotton, soft plant-based fibers, and other thoughtfully selected materials-- they're clinically proven better than Honest Diapers for baby's delicate skin.

Clinically Proven Hypoallergenic:
Designed to be gentle and protect the purity of your baby’s precious skin.

Cotton Enhanced:
Our premium cotton is responsibly sourced and grown in the USA. Our supplier is a member of the Cotton LEADS program which promotes sustainable sourcing and quality.

Up to 12 hours of protection:

Because your baby deserves skin-loving care without compromises, Pampers Pure Protection delivers up to 12 hours of trusted leak protection.

Wetness Indicator:

Made with features you and your baby will love, including Pampers reassuring Wetness Indicator.

What's In Our Diaper?

  • Fasteners & Leg Cuffs icon
  • Absorbent Core
  • Soft Outer Cover icon
  • Absorbent Topsheet
  • Absorbent Core icon
  • Soft Outer Cover
  • Absorbent Topsheet icon
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Seams & Joints icon
  • Printed Backsheet
  • Printed Backsheet icon
  • Seams & Joints
  • Wetness Indicator icon
  • Fasteners & Leg Cuffs