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Northwest Territorial Mint Mercy No Mercy Coin

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In every decision, there’s a point of no return. Warriors of every stripe face this choice on a daily basis, whether they’re showing their opponent mercy or showing them the door.

On the battle field or in the boardroom, they must decide whether their prey is given charity or pain. The consequences of these decisions can rest heavy on even the steeliest of wills. In these cases, leaving fate to chance is the only true justice you can show your opponent.

Giving equal odds to any circumstance, this coin is the decision maker’s ultimate weapon. In a simple flip, compassion or punishment is handed out without any doubt. While targets squirm under the flash of metal that foretells their destiny, decision maker’s can be confident that justice will be served in absolute fashion.

  • Black backdrop
  • Obverse features the word “Mercy.” The reverse features the opposite message with the words “No Mercy.”
  • Minted in bronze
  • Imbued with ebony enamel on both sides