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PAW Patrol Pups are Ready for Action, no matter how much your child grows! Watch as your little one reaches new heights with the help of their favorite PAW Patrol puppies from Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol! Building independence starts with your child taking their first step upward and this fun step stool is the perfect way to facilitate their growth.

The contoured shape of this step stool is ideal for use during potty training as it neatly nests against the base of most adult toilets. Its lightweight design and notched sides make it easy for your child to move it on their own over to the sink for handwashing or teeth brushing. But this stool doesn’t need to just stay in the bathroom, its perfect for use in the kitchen, by their bed, or even as a little seat for reading or playtime.

Durably constructed of thick plastic, this step stool is strong enough to hold up to 200 pounds. The surface of the step stool contains skid-resistant TPR, ensuring that your child has a safe and secure footing when in use. Additionally, the base of this step stool contains skid-resistant bumpers to help keep it firmly planted on the ground. When it’s time for your child to take the next step in their growth, the best pals to do it with are the heroic PAW Patrol Puppies!

  • PAW Patrol Step Stool is made of thick, durable plastic that can hold up to 200 pounds
  • Contoured shape neatly nests against the base of adult toilets so it is ready for your child for potty training
  • Secure, skid-resistant TPR top of the stool keeps your child safe from slipping when in use and skid-resistant bumpers on the base of the stool keep it firmly planted on the ground
  • Lightweight design and notched sides make it easy for your little one to take this stool wherever they need it in the house
  • Featuring the action-packed PAW Patrol puppies, the perfect companion to get them excited as they grow