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Navy Star

Navy Star 14K White Gold 3/8 cttw Halo Pendant

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Your Navy Star diamond is precision cut, with 50 additional facets on the bottom of the diamond. These additional facets allow maximum light performance, enhancing the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of every Navy Star diamond. Your 98 faceted diamonds will out shine every other faceted diamond.

The Navy Star Diamond is Exclusive to the Navy Exchange

Navy Star 14K White Gold 3/8 Cttw Halo Pendant

Give her the gift that illuminates your love, honor, and commitment with the glimmer of every facet.

  • 98 Facet Diamond- 50% More Facets than the Average Diamond
  • Minimum Color: HI
  • Minimum Clarity: I1
  • Minimum Cttw: 3/8
  • Chain Length: 18"
  • Light Performance: Total of 2 very high's, one high
  • Total of 13 Diamonds