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American Girl Courtney's Bedroom Set

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Sharing a bedroom with her older stepsister, Tina, is tough. Tina is neat and Courtney is, well, not as neat. But spending time together in their room is also how they start to connect and become more like family. This totally rad set includes:

  • A pink bunk bed with metal rails and two mattresses—the bottom one is for Tina and Courtney sleeps in the top bunk. The bed has a back wall with a printed graphic that looks like wallpaper and two shelves
  • Two rainbow comforters—one for each bunk
  • Four pillows with rainbow graphics to match the comforters
  • A PAC-MAN™ shaped throw pillow for Courtney's bunk
  • A see-through phone that lights up and rings!
  • Two hangers and two pants hangers that hang on two pegs at the end of the bed to help Courtney and Tina plan their outfits
  • A mirror that is attached to the side of the bunk bed to help her figure out which outfit looks best
  • A potted plant
  • An address book where Courtney can keep all her friends’ phone numbers
  • A mini American Girl® book, Molly's Surprise, about her favorite character
  • A mini Sarah, Plain and Tall book that Courtney's reading because it reminds her of her family's situation
  • A diary that Courtney's dad gave her for Christmas so she can write about her feelings
  • A set of plastic bookends to hold up her books
  • A hanging calendar with a unicorn and other fun '80s graphics
  • A set of stickers with movie and music posters to decorate the back wall of the bunk bed