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America Girl Joss Grill Set

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After a long day in the waves, Joss and her surf crew are hungry! They can cook up a delicious meal right on the beach with this set. It includes:

  • A portable grill with color-change technology that "cooks" the food - they get grill marks after being exposed to the special lighting inside! It has legs that fold up and side tables that detach so it fits in the surf bus.
  • A pair of tongs to remove the food from the grill
  • Two corncobs that get grill marks when exposed to the special lighting
  • Two color-change kabobs that can be "cooked" on the grill
  • Two tamales that change color to look charred when they're on the grill
  • Two beach drinks with straws to cool down
  • Two plates with multicolored artwork
  • All food items are pretend