We're Part of Your Military Community

As part of the Navy community, the NEX is passionate about its mission to provide quality goods and services at a savings and to contribute to Navy quality of life programs. We are consistently rated as one of the most valuable non-pay military benefits. Special events and promotional programs help make the NEX a preferred place to shop for authorized customers.

Unlike other retailers, 70% of NEX profits are given to MWR to support Navy quality of life programs. The remaining 30% are used to improve your NEX stores and support functions, continually improving your shopping experience.

But there’s much more we do to serve the Navy Community. We’re not just merchants…we are good citizens. We enthusiastically participate in base service and recreational activities. We proudly support Navy-wide initiatives to improve quality of life and enhance the personal well being of our customers. These programs include support of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Combined Federal Campaign, active participation in Navy initiatives to deglamorize alcohol use, tobacco cessation, environmental programs, and safety programs.

We Serve You!

Your commissary, military exchanges and community support services are here to serve you!

Your tax-free shopping benefit saves the military family on average more than $3,000 per year on items you need and brands you want. We serve you with low prices and convenient shopping on every military installation around the world...wherever you serve.

We serve you with deep discounts on travel and lodging at premier destinations like the Navy Lodge Hawaii and the Hale Koa Hotel® on Waikiki Beach. Golfing, bowling, youth activities and more are also discounted at prices you won’t find in civilian recreation venues. And, we serve you with links to vital information on family services and military life.

Visit any one of our web sites to see how we can serve you today.

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